Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not my day

So yesterday is really not my day. I've got cough and flu since the night before and it got worse in the morning but anyway I've got skillslab on Wednesday so there was no way for me to stay and sleep at home. I did some mistake in the skillslab and I had to find another teeth, which is never easy and the result is bad mood.

When i got home i got a wonderful surprise that little bit lighten up my day. So there was a big envelope addressed to me. So I torn them down and here is what inside that big envelope. Can you guess what is that?
The package inside the big envelope
Yep, it is the Inheritance!
 Woohoo it really brighten up my day, eventhough there was some scratch, but well.. what can I do?  I was too happy.

Well, my cough and flu wasn't getting any better so today i decided to take a day off.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Some Shots

Hey so i've got some shots of what i've been doing recently in uni. Well sorry for the poor quality of the photos, taken by my not-so-smart phone.

So here they go..
Front side
                                      Yep, endodontics is what i'm learning now.. Root canal treatment..

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happiest time of the week

Setelah cukup lama nunggu novel yang satu ini terbit, akhirnya terbit jugaa! Novel yang dtunggu2 ini adalaah

jeng jeng jeeng

The Son of Neptune

Novel ini dikarang oleh Rick Riordan, one of my favourite writer beside Christopher Paolini, Nicholas Spark, C.S. Lewis, J.K Rowling and so many others.

Suka banget sama novel2 yang dikarang sama Rick Riordan, dari 5 buku Percy Jackson, trus lanjutannya yaitu seri The Heroes of Olympus sampe The Kane Chronicles.. 

The Son of Neptune ini salah satu seri dari Heroes of Olympus. Seneng banget setelah nunggu berbulan2, akhirnya dia terbit juga dan bisa langsung dapet ebooknya inggrisnya (thanks to my bro) yang bisa dibaca di kindle, ebook reader gaul (thanks to my bro, again, yang uda beliin, :) ).

Kindle dari koko 

Hmm setelah dbaca.. ah.. Keren! Suka banget sama novelnya, sama sukanya ke semua novel Rick Riordan.
Sayangnya buku berikutnya, The Mark of Athena terbitnya fall tahun depan.. Nunggu lagi stahun..

Selain novel ini, hari ini novel Inheritance karangan Christopher Paolini keluar juga! wooho! Novel yg bahasa inggrisnya belum ada sih, tapi uda pesen ke amazon lewat Bukunya ddiskon 50% tapi ongkos kirimnya 60 ribu.. Masih untung sih heheh.. Bukunya paling lama nyampe 32 hari setelah pembayaran... 


happiest time of the week 
Can't Wait!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Do you know how it feels to feel happy and sad altogether when one thing happens?