Thursday, November 17, 2011

Not my day

So yesterday is really not my day. I've got cough and flu since the night before and it got worse in the morning but anyway I've got skillslab on Wednesday so there was no way for me to stay and sleep at home. I did some mistake in the skillslab and I had to find another teeth, which is never easy and the result is bad mood.

When i got home i got a wonderful surprise that little bit lighten up my day. So there was a big envelope addressed to me. So I torn them down and here is what inside that big envelope. Can you guess what is that?

The package inside the big envelope
Yep, it is the Inheritance!
 Woohoo it really brighten up my day, eventhough there was some scratch, but well.. what can I do?  I was too happy.

Well, my cough and flu wasn't getting any better so today i decided to take a day off.


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