Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What If

What if?

A simple question that can lead to many things. Regret, relief, happiness, sadness and many other feelings may overwhelmed you. As a mere human being, I do have several 'what if' questions that come across my mind now and then.

I'm really wondering what if I persuaded my parents so that they allowed me to study music. This question is the one I often ask to myself. I really enjoyed practicing my part, and played it together with the other musician with different instruments. I enjoyed the melodies, the music that is produced when we were all practicing together. Sometimes, I still can't believe that a part that is so awful when you played by yourself will be so melodious when we practiced together with the other instruments. 

Now if I listen to an orchestra, it hurts because in the back, back of my mind, I still have that dream of playing and working in an orchestra. Honestly when I hear the news of my friends play in an orchestra, I envy them.
Not that I'm not grateful and happy with what I'm doing right now. It's just, I still have that dream and in some random moments, I'll ask myself once again, "what if?"

Maybe you guys have your own 'what if' questions?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Another Year

I thank God for this long weekend, having holiday from Thursday to Sunday give me some time to read the novel I've been waiting for almost a year. Eventhough I still have some other tasks to do, still I can't wait to read this book and know where the story goes.

So this book is The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan

Well I miss Percy Jackson and Annabeth a lot and I'm gonna miss them again because the next novel which is The House of Hades will be released on October 2013. Oh my, another year of waiting and I believe the waiting will be worth it. Hopefully.

I love the novels made by Rick Riordan. I like how he made the conversations so real and normal, and I love the myths, both the greek and the egyptian myths. Yes, I like history, myths, and museums. Well it's me being nerdy.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tough times. Tough people

Hey there, sorry for the absence of my blogging activities. I have been quite busy these past few months, not that I'm free now. Its just I have the urge to write something right now.

So many things had happen and sometimes I feel that its too much. Too much people, too much emotion, too much to think, too much of anything else that I barely have time for myself, that I barely can breath. Well maybe me being an introvert exaggerate those feeling but sometimes I feel like hiding in the cabinet, hoping to find some kind of my own narnia which is ofcourse impossible. The harder the situation, the greater my needs to find my own time, my own space, my own narnia cabinet. The point is I need time and space for myself, and again I think its me being an introvert on the blame. Now I realized why I like to stay awake longer than other people in my home. It's because I have the time on my own. Yes I am such an introvert.

Praying does helps a lot and it is such a relieve that I have God to pray to.

Some quotes say "tough times don't last, tough people do". Yes, tough  times don't last but they have tendencies to last longer than you expected and if you're patient enough, strong enough to last even longer than the 'tough times', you (and me) will hopefully be a better person. Hopefully with God I will be a better person.

So here I am struggling to last longer than the tough times, not that I want to be the tough people. I believe I'll be a better person after all of these.


Friday, August 24, 2012

Jogja Getaway

Setelah sekian lama ga posting, tiba-tiba merasa ada tanggung jawab buat posting sesuatu, apalagi di minggu-minggu terakhir libur yang uda 3 bulan.

Jadi tanggal 23-27 Juli kmaren sempet main ke Jogja berdua cici, melakukan kegiatan yang tipikal sih sebenarnya. Jalan kaki seharian muter dia daerah keraton, museum, beringharjo, malioboro sampe kaki rasanya mau patah. Pergi ke daerah Kali Urang, mau liat museum Ullen Sentalu, museum merapi dan sambil liat kali bekas aliran lahar Gunung Merapi. Sempet ke Ketep Pass dan Sendang Sono, dan sempet ke Solo juga buat liat Museum Purba Sangiran yang ternyata sekarang uda jadi jauh lebih bagus daripada dulu. Ada 1 malem, kita mau cari makan naik transjogja, well kita uda googling dulu sebelumnya tapi ternyata tetep nyasar karna uda gelap, dtambah lagi becak uda ga ada karna masih hari2 awal puasa dan jadinya sepi banget tuh daerah. Akhirnya makan di tempat lain dan harus lari2 supaya masi sempet naik transjogja terakhir jam 20.00. Yaa untungnya masi sempet naik, kalo sampe ketinggalan.. Entah deh pulang naik apa karena cari taksi juga agak susah di daerah itu..

Salah satu kereta di Museum Kereta Keraton 

Museum Purba Sangiran

cici di Ketep Pass

Museum Ullen Sentalu

Museum Merapi

oh iya, waktu di Jogja sempet juga ke pameran ARTJOG dan unik-unik banget karyanya. Setiap karya ada penjelasannya dan yaaah karena bukan seorang yang ngerti seni jadi ada beberapa karya yang uda dibaca beberapa kali pun otak masi ga nangkep juga maksudnya gimana.

Nah ini salah satu karya yang ada dan karya favorit gue karena ya, bagus, bikin berpikir, bisa di ngertiin dan agak-agak nyentil karyanya.

Sekian dulu postingan hari iniii.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Here comes the after-effect of reading good books. For a few days after I finished the books, the stories keep playing around in my mine and the scenes (which obviously only an imagination playing in my head while I'm busy reading the stories) keep coming and playing inside my head.

It will be bad if I have watched the movies then I read the book or the other way. The scenes playing inside my head will be the mixture of my imagination and the real scenes from the movie. Well the after-effect is not disturbing since when I get busy, my mind will be occupied with other things and anyway it feels good to know at least I can imagine lots of good scene from the books.

I wish that can count as a talent which seems ridiculous.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Good Books

Well, I'm amazed on how good books and great stories could make me awake for hours in the middle of the night without even recognizing the hours that passed. Sometimes I just want to keep reading and finish the book in one big gulp but the guilty feeling of staying awake at those sleeping hours force me to close my book and sleep. It is actually happening these days since I don't really have much time during the day, and the time left to read novels is during the night.

Really at one point I wanna know how the stories goes so badly I want to finish them but when it comes to the end of the book, I feel like I'm losing my best friend. Lucky me, I have no problem on reading the same books or watching the same movies again and again and again. They actually bring back good memories, good stories, good feeling of having a great company.

Really in the time of weary and under pressure, I will read my favorite novels for the second times, third times or the n-times, because they calm me down and lighten up my days. Though sometimes I will read those books again just to remember how the stories go and yes they lighten up my days.

I hope you find what can calms you down and lighten your days as what the stories do to me :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Museum Layang-Layang Indonesia

Last Saturday my sister ask me to go with her to the Kite Museum, well I forget the exact place of this museum. I was so excited about this plan because I do love museum and I do love some refreshing. So this museum have a lot of kites, from the biggest one that it is so hard to believe that this big kite is able to fly fly away. And of course there's the smallest one only about 5 cm from China, well you don't expect this one to fly fly away since this kite will be lost from your sight before you even realized.

So here are just some photos of me and my sister with the kite.      

Dewi Sri Kite 

Yes, it flies

all of them are kite, even the house on the right corner is a kite and yes it can fly.

the 5 cm kite

The others small kites

me with my own-made kite.

so big you dont believe it can fly

This one can fly

Yes, all of them are able to fly with strong wind and steady hold. Well i'm amazed with the collections and the activities.

So here are some information about the museum.

Museum Layang-Layang Indonesia

Jl H. Kamang No.38,
Pondok Labu, Jakarta Selatan,12450
Telp. 021-765 8075, 021-7590 4863
Fax: 021 – 7590.4863
GPS: -6.300226,106.793891
Lihat: Peta Wisata Jakarta
Jam Buka: 09.00 – 16.00 WIB
Tiket masuk: Rp.10.000