Tuesday, December 11, 2012

What If

What if?

A simple question that can lead to many things. Regret, relief, happiness, sadness and many other feelings may overwhelmed you. As a mere human being, I do have several 'what if' questions that come across my mind now and then.

I'm really wondering what if I persuaded my parents so that they allowed me to study music. This question is the one I often ask to myself. I really enjoyed practicing my part, and played it together with the other musician with different instruments. I enjoyed the melodies, the music that is produced when we were all practicing together. Sometimes, I still can't believe that a part that is so awful when you played by yourself will be so melodious when we practiced together with the other instruments. 

Now if I listen to an orchestra, it hurts because in the back, back of my mind, I still have that dream of playing and working in an orchestra. Honestly when I hear the news of my friends play in an orchestra, I envy them.
Not that I'm not grateful and happy with what I'm doing right now. It's just, I still have that dream and in some random moments, I'll ask myself once again, "what if?"

Maybe you guys have your own 'what if' questions?


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