Thursday, October 27, 2011

Nerve-wrecking Thursday

First of all, sorry for my broken English.

Lately Thursday had became a new kind of Monday for me, I don't want it to come. I feel pressure upon my shoulders every Thursday. Why? because simply I'm having my piano tuition on Thursday and it is a living hell. Not to be over saying but this tuition had made me felt soooo under pressure.

I used to love this tuition no matter what the songs I have to learn even though sometimes I barely have time to practice my new songs. But these days... urgh even imagining about Thursday will make my heart beats faster. There is only one reason for all of these things, and it is the piano exam on the first week of December which is right in front my eyes.

Actually I was not sure about taking this exam at first but I thought that this would be my last exam and well I've got some advantage if I took it this year. I got the exam book earlier than I used to get because the it is the same exam book as last years so, yes, I decided to take the exam. I didn't really realize that these months in the end of 2011 would be busy with all of my activities. Starting from my uni life, with the stressful-and-scary conservative endodontic blocks, Christmas event in the church, my brother's wedding, and organization in uni and it was too late to change my mind because I have payed for the exam.

So then I started to practice the songs I have to play and there are 2 songs that are really hard for me. Well, I am not a great pianist, I'm an ok pianist, I can play but I'm definitely not that kind of wow-so-talented pianist. I really struggle with the etudes, not to mention the aural tests and the other scary part, sight reading.. I do have the urge to practice everyday but I don't have that much time.

Now I feel so so nervous just imagining that I'm going to have that exam in about 4 weeks because in this kind of exam, one little mistake can ruin the whole song. Not to mention the sight reading, actually  kinda know what should I do to have a good sight reading. Its just, when I start to play the song that is given, I tend to forget the important things and well, it turns out to be bad.

I'm hoping for a miracle from God over here so that I am able to pass this exam with hmmm good score.


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